Let's meet our Heroes

First things first, is a good place to start, so let us meet the heroes whose adventures we will be following throughout the City called Dragon.  In Alphabetical Order, we have:

Harlan: a holy knight in the service of the Dragon.  Harlan seems fairly laid-back as far as holy warriors go, especially given the shenanigans of his companions.  He stands a little over six feet tall, kind of a big guy, and thinks the Dragon is just the tops.  He started as the Sargent on this particular work crew but seems fairly close to the ne'er-do-wells formerly under his command.

Lexi Mavis: this minstrel will fuck you up (and just fuck you) and break your heart when he's done and you'll love him for it the whole time.  Lexi's got a new gig playing at the Carbuncle's Jewel now, but he'll keep updating his blog here: http://lexibeasts.blogspot.com/

Manomarki: This affable and brilliant rogue has been in and out of trouble with the law as long as he can remember - but more for curiousity than malice, usually, so the penalties are fairly lenient.  Manomarki's recently 'acquired' a set of wizardly scrolls and is busily engaged in figuring out what's up with this magic stuff.

Naiel: a wiry street-fighter trained, somehow, in martial arts, Naiel doesn't have a lot to say but always seems aware of his surroundings.  You won't get much out of him about his past, or his training - he keeps his cards close to his chest, and has a way of looking right through a person as if seeing something beyond or inside of them.  He won't start a fight, but he'll END it.

Pearl: a former actress of some minor renown, Pearl was framed by a competitor and sent to work on the border.  But it was fortuitous timing; she'd been thinking about changing careers and sees this as the world telling her it's time to jump.  And jump she did!  Pearl wants everyone to get along and be safe and happy, and she'll stab any fuckers that mess with her and hers.  There are hidden depths to Pearl which are soon to emerge.

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