On Origin Myths

In the beginning was the Bone Plain - the vast field of charred bone and rock which spreads as far away as dreams and then a little farther.  Then came the Dragon.  Perhaps She came from somewhere else (but there is no other place to have come from), perhaps She grew from the Plain (but nothing grows there), perhaps She began as an idea of Herself, which then grew from idea to Dragon.

Perhaps She has always been here; but in the start, all was Bone and Rock.

Now a city has grown up around the Dragon - the city called Dragon, where we live and grow and work and laugh and dream.  Our God lives in the center and we exist around Her in our city called Dragon.  Perhaps we were generated with the Dragon, or perhaps we came from another place, or perhaps She thought us into existence to worship and serve.  Beginnings are difficult; think about the birth of your children, and consider how much you remember of your own birth.

Surrounding our Dragon is our City, and around that is naught but burnt bone and rock.  We venerate our Dragon God, venerate Her with our lives, and our work, and our dreams - all we have and want and do flows from Her, is generated by Her, and at the end we go back to the city which is more of and for Her then us.

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