Some details of your city and your life therein

You start in the city called Dragon.  Your God, the Dragon, lives at the center of a sprawling metropolis; at this point it is close to 150 square miles of houses, shops, forests, fields, pastures and parks.  Four rivers flow from the Dragonhome, roughly separating Dragon into four quadrants; the rivers are named North South East and West and map directions are in terms of which way the rivers generally run.

Outside of the city is the Bone Plain; a plain of charred bone and rock that runs as far as the eye can see.  The city itself is built on soil, on top of the bones, which runs between 4 and 12 feet deep down to rock.  There are mines under the city, and veins of iron, coal, and copper, with the occasional gemstone or precious metal field discovered.

Days and nights are of equal length.  There is no sun; the sky gradually lightens from dawn, and then darkens near dusk.  There are no stars in the sky at night; there are no clouds in the sky.  The weather is universally pleasant, and usually between 60 and 70 degrees (with some minor variation, but never warmer than 80, or colder than 40).  Occasionally you need a jacket at night.  There is never any precipitation, and winds never faster than a slight breeze.

To make things easy the city of Dragon uses the same time/calendar and measurement units as we do; but seasons and years are arbitrary, and might serve more to mark one's birthday than anything.

There are three roads that run out of Dragon, and you know sometimes merchants lead wagon trains out on secretive trade missions.  The trading happens under the auspices of the Priests, and like most governmental / religious behaviors are surrounded by secrecy and ritual.  But all flows from the Dragon, and the priests who interpret / enforce Her will.

There is a city council, you suppose - a Prince and Dukes and Barons - and you  vaguely remember hearing about it in school, as a child.  All children attend school for five years, to learn to read and write, basics of arithmetic and religious studies; on your 12th birthday, after a ritual where you are filed past the Dragon to receive Her blessing you're considered an adult, and expected to go to work, supporting your family, your community, the city in general, and your God the Dragon.

There's no mage guild or academy or anything; most mages work inside of the religious structure.  The city governance is mostly by the priesthood.  There's very little in the way of codified law or legal structure, but instead ritual, general rules (be nice and play fair), some common-law traditions and, at the heart, the Dragon, from Whom everything else flows.

You started working in the fields, bringing manure from the stables to fertilize the soil, planting crops, weeding, and harvest.  After a few years you were promoted to the manure carts; a smellier but much easier duty, involving bringing carts of manure and compost to the edge of the city, for the druids to work into the Bone Field and turn into soil.  But now your job involves guarding the druid and priest on your detail as they enlarge the city, and move the waypoint markers.  Every now and again some.... things, of malicious intent, emerge from the Bone Plain, and you stand between them and the druid and priest you are charged to protect.  It doesn't happen that often, though.

Perhaps you are 17 and excited about your new promotion, or 25 and bored of the work, or 35 and assigned this as a punishment detail for some minor infraction, or....

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