A few technical details

To keep things easy, we'll use standard fantasy conventions (money in copper/silver/gold/platinum, technology as advanced as the Player's Handbook shows, etc.)  We'll also keep time/calendar, language and mathematical conventions, and the rest like our world.  Things are weird enough without adding a 250-day calendar or anything.

The system we'll use is Pathfinder.  If you want an introduction to the rules they're here:


And you can download a PDF of all the rules from the Paizo website (that's what I did) or get the books at Guardian or somewhere.  If it's not in the core rulebook (like you want to play an inquisitor or something) just let me know.

I haven't played Pathfinder before but it seems like next-gen D&D 3.5 rules.  I like what I've seen so far, and I'm hoping we can make sense of the combats and all and have fun with it.  Here's a couple of places to look at differences between 3rd edition and pathfinder:



Really, though, at it's heart it's roll d20 against an AC with some bonuses, and then do damage against hit points.  Fighter/Wizard/Thief/Cleric, plus etc.  Pretty Good!

I'd like to talk to everyone about their background and classes ahead of time, but we can do that the first time we meet, too.  I can see almost any kind of background, for almost any kind of character class, working okay with this world.  But maybe run things by me first to make sure they make sense with what we're dealing with - especially if you want to play someone who uses magic somehow.  If you play a priest (or anyone with divine spells), remember that there is only one God - the Dragon.

Everyone's human.  It will be an urban kind of adventure, at least at the start, so don't plan to take a lot of skill points in Planar Knowledge or other languages or anything.  We can roll stats the first time we meet - I like 4d6 drop the lowest 7 times drop the lowest, but if you want to use 18 16 14 12 10 8 that works too.

It's a fairly low-magic world; a couple of mages might have developed a third circle spell or two, and arcane magic is rare.  The High Priest and some of the other higher-ups in the temple can cast fourth circle spells.  Continual torches are common, as are amulets to protect against unwanted pregnancies; minor healing potions are uncommon; any other kind of magic item are very rare or singularly unique.

The city itself is about as big as the Portland metro area, to give you a sense of size, with about a third as many people.  It's completely self-contained, though - mining and manufacturing, agriculture and commerce, all take place inside this city.  I'm excited to see what kind of stories we get into!

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