A brief overview of the Government of Dragon City

All flows from the Dragon.  She sits in the center, atop the spring that waters our city, and casts a wise and terrible wing over us all.

Her High Priest is Dax Riordian.  He interprets Her will, and directs the tenor and tone of our city.  Dax has been High Priest for 15 years, ever since the previous High Priest passed on, and is vibrant and effective.

Reporting to the High Priest are the First Pastor, the Prince, and the Chief Druid.

The First Pastor is Tona Riordian; Dax' niece.  She's quite popular, and is expected to carry on her uncle's legacy of effectiveness when her turn comes around.  She's young for a First Pastor - in her mid thirties - and the common thought is that while nepotism got her a job in the clergy, she's become First Pastor on her own merits.  The First Pastor currently is in charge of around 1000 people; 200-ish clerics, and another 800-ish lay members (mostly tax collectors and bankers; the temple is in control of the money in Dragon).

The Chief Druid is Rogan Beardtree.  Not much is known about the Druids in general - not because of any deep mystery, but because they keep to themselves and work in the background.  You know the Druids are in charge of expanding the border of Dragon, and keeping the crops and animals that run and feed the city healthy; there are around 150 druids all in all.

The Prince is Tricia 'Trixy' Molloy, and she's... enigmatic.  In addition to running meetings of the nobility who run the city and settling disputes between the Dukes, she can be found sitting in with the city's musicians as a singer and a guitarist, or substituting for sick teachers in the city's schools.  Don't call her Princess - she's won her last 14 duels handily.

Under the Prince are the Seven, the Dukes who oversee the day-to-day management of the city.  Each Duke controls a different segment of the city; there is a Police Duke, Services (fire, water, roads, etc) Duke, the Duke of Agriculture, the Mining Duke, a Duke of Guilds, the Duke of the Districts, and the Library Services and Education Duke.  Each Duke has several (between 5 and 15, depending) Barons reporting to them, and from there, the org chart gets complicated and arcane, with each Duke having a different way of running their operation (and generally each Baron, too).

To summarize:


The High Priest

First Pastor (Clergy) -- Chief Druid (Druids) -- Prince (the Seven -- Barons)

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